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  • Math Model Drawing and High Yield Routines for Grades 3-5


    Making Problem Solving Comprehensible Through Tape Diagrams, Student Discourse and Connections to English Proficiency Standards

    Do your students struggle with solving story problems? In this workshop you will learn strategies to make abstract ideas more concrete and understandable through Model Drawing’s step by step approach of tape diagrams. This approach gives students explicit procedures to organize their ideas and provide visual models for deeper understanding. 
    Date:                September 29th, 2016
    Time:                8:30AM-3:30PM
    Location:          Yakima Professional Development Center
    Cost:                $50.00 Per Participant
    Instructors:      Dawn Sparks, ESD 105 Regional Math Coordinator
                             Luke Matlack, ESD 105 Migrant Math & Science Coordinator
    Session:          113633
    Math Model Drawing 9-29 3-5 Flyer.pdf 520.47 KB (Last Modified on September 6, 2016)
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  • Operations and Algebraic Thinking K-2


    Developing Big Ideas for K-2nd Grade Students through Washington Learning Standards and English Language Proficiency Standards

    Algebraic reasoning for grades pre-K-2 involves forming generalizations from experiences with number and computation, formalizing these ideas using meaningful representations and symbols, and exploring the concepts of patterns in functions. During this two day workshop participants will explore the following topics:

    Study of Patterns and Their Relationships:

    Seeing Mathematical Situations and Structures:

    Describing Change Over Time:

    Developing Algebraic Understanding Through Language

    Date:              April 12th & 13th, 2017 (Two-days)
    Time:              8:30AM-3:30PM Each Day
    Location:        Yakima School District Professional Development Center
    Cost:               $100.00 Per Participant
    Instructors:    Dawn Sparks, ESD 105 Regional Math Coordinator
                           Luke Matlack, ESD 105 Migrant Math & Science Coordinator
    Session:         113630
    Operations and Algebraic Thinking 4-12-13-17.pdf 448.00 KB (Last Modified on October 14, 2016)
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