Migrant Services 2019-2020 Professional Development

  • The Harvest Documentary- an eye opening journey following three migrant students and their stories

    • Online course begins November 20, 2019 


    "Where Do I Go from Here?" Meeting the Unique Needs Of Migrant Students- (Book Study)

    •  Online Book Study for 6 Clock Hours - Begins October 24, 2019

    East of Salinas Documentary- This online course follows eight year old Jose and his teacher, Mr. Ramos, as they navigate the obstacles of being an undocumented migrant student in the United States. 

    •  Online course begins January 21, 2020


    Underwater Dreams Documentary- The epic story of four teenage boys from the desert, the sons of undocumented Mexican immigrants, who built an underwater robot from Home Depot parts (and duct tape). 

    •  Online course begins April 7, 2020 FLYER


    (NEW) Enrique's Journey- Book Study-10 Clock hours


    Digital Story Telling Workshop Series 


    Home Visiting - Job Embedded Coaching    


    Family/Teacher Communication  Family Out Reach Workshop