Science Co-op NGSS Transition

    • Implementing the Next Generation Science Standards (Washington State Science Leadrning Standards)
    • Piloting and adopting new science kits aligned to the NGSS
    • Designing and delivering new kit training for teachers

    Stakeholders That Are Contributing To Our Transition Process:

    Transition Design Team -
    A work group comprised of Science Co-op stakeholders and ESD 105 staff.

    1. Defines the criteria needed for the new curriulum program.
    2. Researches and screens curriculum.
    3. Compiles pilot feedback and data.

    Pilot Teachers - Classroom teachers, Master Science Trainers and Apprentice Trainers from the region.

    1. Receive training on Next Generation Science Standards and the kits that will be piloted.
    2. Pilot kits with their students.
    3. Provide feedback and help develop training content for colleagues.

    Transition Steering Committee - Composed of Teacher Leaders, Master Science Trainers, Science Co-op District Administrators, and ESD 105 staff,

    1. Reviews the feedback and data from the Transition Design Team and Pilot Teachers.
    2. Makes recommendations to the Science Executive about adopting new science kits.

    Science Executive Committee - A decision-making body composed of Science Co-op Superintendents and Central Office Administrators

    1. Provides oversight for the Science Cooperative.
    2. Makes the final decision about adopting new kits based on recommendations from the Transition Steering Committee.