• Newbridge Learning Academy Newbridge Learning Academy is a program of Educational Service District 105 in partnership with area schools to address the academic and behavioral needs of students with severe emotional and behavioral challenges. At Newbridge Learning Academy, students work to progress in personal behavior management through a three-level system that addresses their capabilities for respect, responsibility, and safety. In a setting of effective, rigorous, and engaging academic instruction, Newbridge's highly qualified staff supportively acknowledge and reinforce each child's act for positive social behaviors. 

    Newbridge Learning Academy is designed to focus specifically on research supported positive behavioral supports and teaching techniques, which include social-emotional learning curriculum, social skills instruction using 14 core elements, and a points/level system. Other important key component of the program include mental health counseling, close collaboration with families to promote self-awareness and self-control, development of positive interpersonal/social skills and positive coping strategies. The staff at Newbridge Learning Academy are committed to providing students with a safe and nurturing learning environment that includes rigorous academic programming enabling students to continue to progress academically. Ultimately, the goal is to help students gain the knowledge and skills needed to successfully transition back to a less restrictive educational setting in their home districts. 

     The 14 Core Elements used by staff are designed to promote behavior management, social-emotional learning, and social skills among students:

    1. Our staff establish a positive relationships with ALL students.

    2. Instruction development includes the physiological components of learning: diet, sleep, hygiene, exercise, and stress management.

    3. We use the Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) system. 

    4. Our curricula encompasses instruction in both social skills and social-emotional learning.

    5. We promote daily proactive classroom management strategies. 

    6. Our instructional day weaves in the activities of the Good Behavior Game to promote self-management skills. 

    7. We use a points and levels system to reward students' positive behavior with daily or weekly privileges. 

    8. Our progressive response system addresses problem behaviors. 

    9. Our Classroom lessons provide effective and rigorous academic instruction to students. 

    10. Good student performances are rewarded with "honors time" in which students can do a variety of fun activities, including special outings.

    11.  Appropriate behaviors are reinforced through a four-step rebooting process to calm the student. 

    12. Our staff engage in continual parental outreach and support. 

    13. Regular staff debriefings help the team address new challenges together. 

    14. Our self-governance meetings with students helps them review and reflect on the positive outcomes they have achieved. 

    Please contact Dana Floyd, Program Director, if you have questions about the program. 

    Newbridge Learning Academy is located at 103 West Northstone Parkway, Zillah, WA  98953. (509) 823-0270.

    Southeast view of Newbridge Learning Academy

  • The Newbridge team worked closely with Diana Browning Wright, Co-founder of Positive Environments, Network of Trainers (PENT). Ms. Wright is the Consulting PENT Director, and the Educational/Behavioral Consultant Initiatives Director for Diana Browning Wright, Inc. 

    Over the past year, the team collaborated with Ms. Wright to build a strong community of practice that included assessment linked to interventions, effective differentiated instruction, solving systemic barriers and resolving challenging behaivor problems one student at a time. Ms. Wright spent hours in our region working with the Newbridge staff and district teams to develop and implement a sustainable program for our district partners here in the 105 region. 

    Here is what she had to say about Newbridge Learning Academy:

     "I am so impressed with what has been accomplished in such a very short period of time. Due to everyone’s skill and commitment to the program, Newbridge has made more progress than any other start up program I’ve had anywhere in the country."

     "The entire team, from administration, to mental health support, to teaching excellence is just astounding. I feel certain that expanding the program with this foundation is going to lead to even more students in districts coming to Newbridge to achieve success.”

                                                                                                                                                                      -  Diana Browning Wright, M.S., L.E.P.