Migrant 101, 201 & Early Learning Migrant 101

  • Migrant 101 & 201

    ESD 105 Migrant Education Department offers professional development  opportunities on the Basics of Migrant Education (Migrant 101) and (Migrant 201) . The purpose is to raise educator awareness about the need for the Migrant Education Program as well as the unique needs of migrant students. 

    Migrant 101 Goals:

    • Learn about the Migrant Education Program
    • Identify the Seven Areas of Concern for Migrant Students
    • Funds of Knowledge and Strategies to use while working with Migrant students

    Migrant 201 Goals:

    • Refresher of key information from Migrant 101
    • Drawing connections between educational equity & our work with migrant students
    • Discussing promising practices for supporting our migrant students


    Early Learning Migrant 101


    • Identify the need for the Migrant Education Program
    • Identify the uniques needs of migrant preschoolers
    • Identify areeas of concern and areas of strength as it relates to migrant students and families
    • Learn about efforts currently taking place in our state to better support migrant preschool students
Artwork depicting the state of Washington and Migrant students and families.

Contact Us

  • Cynthia Juarez
    Executive Director of Early Learning/Migrant Education
    Office: (509) 454-2488
    Donald Bender
    Family Literacy-Student Engagement Coordinator
    Office: (509) 454-2856
    Cindy Cholico
    Migrant Out of School Youth/Health Coordinator
    Office: (509) 834-6828
    Maggie Mendoza
    Migrant Academic Services Coordinator-Literacy
    Office: (509) 853-1112
    Erica Peppers Mears
    Migrant Academic Coordinator-Math & Science
    Office: (509) 454-3113
    Samantha Ruiz-Thomas
    Migrant Academic Services Coordinator-ELA
    Office: (509) 571-0968
    Luis Gomez
    Migrant Education Program Support Specialist
    Office: (509) 571-7791