STEM Robotics 101 & FIRST Washington

  • STEM Robotics 101 Professional Development

    ESD 105 is excited to bring STEM Robotics 101 professional development to our region!  

    Many schools have embraced FIRST LEGO League (FLL) as a club-based after-school activity. However, they do not see a means to integrate robotics into the daytime classroom where equal access for all students can be achieved with academic accountability.  Similarly, many schools do not have a rich STEM or computer science (CS) program since they perceive they do not have “that” teacher; the tech-savvy individual who is not intimidated by a course title like STEM Robotics. 

    LEGO Robotics is an inherently approachable and versatile STEM+CS platform and STEM Robotics 101 curriculum is free, customizable, and turn-key for teaching all aspects of STEM+CS through the LEGO MINDSTORMS kit.  The STEM Robotics 101 curriculum has an OSPI-approved framework aligned with Common Core Math and ELA, NGSS, 21st Century Skills and FIRST LEGO League.  This STEM Robotics 101 Professional Development is also OSPI-approved as STEM clock hours for certification renewal.  

    We'll help you join the 3,300+ registered teacher-users around the world to access this rich set of STEM+CS lessons and customize a STEM Robotics course that meets the unique needs of your students, the goals of your administration, and plays to the strengths and passions of your new STEM+CS teacher.

    Click here to reach the STEM Robotics 101 Professional Development FAQ site and learn more or register for an upcoming training!


    CTE-STEM Robotics 101 Professional Development

    In addition to the STEM Robotics 101 professional development (perfect for grades 4-8), trainer Randy Steele has developed CTE-STEM Robotics 101 for grades 7-12:

    • CTE STEM Robotics 101 will emphasize the CTE Frameworks, Leadership Equivalency and career-related resources for middle school and high school.
    • STEM clock hours will be available.
    • Districts that received funds from this fall's FIRST Grant (Mabton, Thorp, Wapato) can use these funds for professional development.
    • Other districts can use their CTE funds to cover expenses.

    Click here to access the FIRST Washington FAQ page for the CTE STEM Robotics 101 professional development, which includes registration information.   


    FIRST Washington!

    FIRST Washington supports and engages today's tech-native youth with a league of their own, inspiring them to build on their passions and preparing them to be the STEM leaders of tomorrow.

    Creating.  Theorizing.  Tinkering.  Testing.  Expanding their worlds.  Getting their hands dirty.

    FIRST Washington ignites youthful minds through education, hard work, mentorship, and healthy competition.

    Just as important, participants are integrated into a fun, team-based learning environment created to encourage their interests, teach the benefits of collaboration, boost self-confidence - and illuminate the exciting world of STEM study and careers.

    FIRST Washington sums it up this way:

    What's going to be happening next in STEM is happening here... FIRST.

    Learn more about FIRST Washington here!

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