Prevention/Intervention Services

  • Today's students walk into our schools with varying barriers that may impede their academic success. 

    These barriers can be a health-related issue that keeps them out of school for days at a time; perhaps our student is gang-involved and cannot come to school due to pressures or threats of violence against them.  Are our students homeless?  Are they being bullied?  Do they have a substance abuse issue that needs to be recognized and referred for treatment? 
    These are big questions.  And the answer is YES - some of our students ARE facing these issues, and sometimes, more than one!  
    That is where ESD 105 and Prevention/Intervention Services come in. 
    "Stop Bullying" sign Student assistance professionals work with those kids who are referred to them within the school district to guide them to substance abuse treatment options, behavioral management, cessation programs to assist with quitting smoking - and other supports that are necessary to keep youth in school, healthy, and headed towards graduation. 





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