Welcome to the Language Acquisition Cooperative

  • The Language Acquisition Cooperative (LAC) is made up of 10 school districts that are committed to increasing students' English language and literacy proficiency by using research-based instructional practices. The cooperative structure allows districts to maximize the professional development and technical assistance they receive by pooling their resources and sharing access to trainings and classroom-based coaching. Each district member of the LAC receives professional development that is aligned to their district goals and may include both in-class and off-site professional development. The professional development offered is customized to assist districts in achieving the specific objectives identified in their Title III plans.
    Non-member districts are welcome to register and attend trainings provided through the LAC as well as contract for services on a fee for service basis. Please see the LAC Calendar of Offerings for a list of trainings available or call for more information.The Calendar of Offerings document is accessible through the link in the left margin.
    We invite you to call for more information about the support that is offered through the LAC.

    Bridget Dale instructing a language acquisition workshop

Partnership with OCDE Project GLAD®

  • The Orange County Department of Education's National Training Center (NTC) for Project GLAD® is establishing a satellite office and partnership with Educational Service District 105. The partnership between ESD 105 LAC and the NTC is to increase the capacity of districts within the ESD 105 region and throughout Washington state by bringing advanced levels of OCDE Project GLAD® training closer to home. Districts now have more opportunities for staff to enroll and complete the training of trainers process as a way to provide direct instructional support focused on creating greater opportunities for academic success of the English learners within their schools.  Please contact us for more information.

Washington State OCDE Project GLAD® Trainers Network

  • The newly formed network of OCDE Project GLAD Trainers is a collaborative group of educators who seek to refine their knowledge and skills as trainers so they can increase the positive impact they make on the lives of English learners. We know that English learners are successful academically and in attaining English proficiency when they receive instructional scaffolding that was intentionally delivered to meet their unique language needs. The Trainers Network aims to increase our capacity as trainers so that we can effectively provide training and technical assistance to all teachers who work with English learners. The Trainers Network will hold quarterly meetings that will be located a different sites across the state of Washington.

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Menu of Services

  • • AMAO data analysis
    • Analysis of student performance tasks
    • English Language Proficiency Standards
    • Academic Conversations
    • OCDE Preschool Project GLAD®
    • OCDE Project GLAD® Tier I
    • OCDE Project GLAD® Tier II
    • OCDE Project GLAD Tier III
    • ELL Shadowing
    • Foundations of Sheltered Instruction
    • Differentiating Instruction for ELD
    • Enhancing STC Science Units with GLAD strategies