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  • The fee for all clock hours purchased beginning Sept. 1, 2018, is $3.00 per clock hour.  This increase applies to all clock hour purchases, including those earned prior to Sept. 1, 2018, that were purchased on Sept. 1 or after that date.  ESD 105 has a $5 minimum for the purchase of clock hours; if just one single clock hour is earned or 1.5 clock hours are earned, a total of $5 will be charged.

    ESD 105 provides clock hours for professional development to the education community.  There are two categories: Clock hours services for individuals earning clock hours for attending professional development workshops, and class sponsors wanting to offer clock hours for district, regional and state workshops and conferences.

    ESD 105 complies with requirements of WAC: 181-85-030, 185-85-045, WAC 181-85-200, and WAC 181-85-205.  Clock hour records are retained for the required seven (7) calendar year period according to WAC 181-85-205 (5,6).


    To access the clock hours system, please visit our ESD 105 Professional Development page.


    For online courses go to  VESi (Virtual Education Software).


    Helpful resources about clock hours:
  • Non-ESD 105 Clock Hours: 
    ESD 105 does not handle clock hours not preapproved through ESD 105, nor do we have information regarding such clock hours.  Since there is no one "clearing house" for clock hours, we don't have access to other providers through which you may have obtained clock hours.  The state requires individuals to keep track of their own clock hours. 
    If you have questions regarding clock hours not preapproved by ESD 105, you may contact the providers who offerred you those clock hours.  You can look at your clock hour documentation to determine what provider preapproved  the clock hours, or contact the class sponsor and ask what agency was used to approve clock hours for that class.  Then, contact that agency for documentation for those hours. 
    College Credits:
    ESD 105 does not handle or have information regarding college or university credit.  For college credit questions, you will need to contact the college or university granting those credits. 

    Session Evaluations:

    Session evaluation summaries are available on request.  Please include class title, date, and session identification number. 


Contact Us


    For all clock hour inquiries or contact:

    Cassie Gunter
    Administrative Assistant I
    Phone: (509) 454-5314  (If busy, try email.)

    Fax: (509) 454-2491

    ESD 105 Clock Hour Office Hours: 
    Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.