Fingerprinting Fee is $75.00
    ESD 105 offers digital fingerprint background checks for educators seeking certificates and those seeking certified or classified employment.

    The live scan equipment allows the quality of prints to be checked on the equipment when they're being taken, creating few necessary retakes and without the need for any fingerprints to be inked onto a card.  Fingerprints taken through live scanning are generally cleared within just 1 to 2 weeks.

    ESD 105 will record applicants’ basic demographic information, and the live digital scan will submit fingerprints electronically to the Washington State Patrol. All fingerprint record checks will reside with OSPI.

    Fingerprinting is by appointment only: 
    Call (509) 454-5317 to schedule a date and time.

    To be fingerprinted at ESD 105, you will need:

    • Picture ID (driver's license, passport, etc.)

    • Appropriate payment as outlined below

    • Expect the process to take approximately 30 minutes.


    Acceptable forms of payment are:

    • Cash - exact change only

    • Cashier's Check - payable to ESD 105

    • Money Order - payable to ESD 105

    • Purchase Order - from employer



    ESD 105 Kindly request that young, unspervised children not accompany parents to their appointment.   If accompanied by children, arrangements should be made for someone to supervise them during the appointment.


    To review the options available to meet the fingerprint background check requirement click here.

    To Request a copy of background Check Results:

    Individuals who want to request a copy of their fingerprint results must complete and mail a Request for Background Check Results form to OSPI in Olympia.

    If you believe your background check results are not complete or are wrong click here.


    Fees are outlined in the "Resources" links in the tables below.

    Resources for persons requesting fingerprinting
    Form to be completed before fingerprinting appointment.
    Resources for employers, private school administrators, and college/university certification officers
    Information and procedures for electronic fingerprinting for school district Human Resources Department, College/University Certification Officers, and Private School Administrators
    (Use when payment will be made with a district purchase order)

Contact Information

    For fingerprinting appointments:

    Linda Hauck

    Administrative Secretary

    (509) 454-5317





    To report broken links or problems with webpage:
    Kay Gutierrez
    Human Resources Director
    (509) 454-2858