K-5 Science Cooperative

    The K-5 Science Cooperative at ESD 105 provides our region's elementary students with the opportunity to engage in the STEM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) and apply skills from the Math and English/Language Arts.
    • While investigating science core ideas in the modules, students apply math and technical writing skills as they record data and observations in science journals.
    • Students construct explanations for science phenomena or design solutions for engineering problems.
    • The modules provide many opportunities for students to engage in scientific discourse through argumentation from evidence.
    • Collecting and interpreting data, reading informational text, practicing technical writing, and engaging in scientific argumentation support Common Core Math and Literacy Standards.
    Important facts about the K-5 Science Cooperative:
    • Science Cooperative membership serves 20 School Districts and 3 Private Schools in South Central Washington
    • The Cooperative is governed by a Science Executive Committee comprised of Administrators from member districts.
    • Each Science Cooperative District provides a designated Coordinator to manage communication and module logistics.
    • Science Cooperative Districts share ownership of 16 different units (approximately 1000 units overall) developed by non-profit research-based organizations like the Smithsonian Institution.
    • Each unit is used three times during a school year by in different Science Co-op classrooms.
    • Modules are refurbished by the Science Resource Center and are delivered to classrooms ready to teach.
    • Teachers receive Foundational training for each module delivered by local Master Science Teacher Trainers.

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