Upcoming Math Events

  • K-5 Math Summer Intervention- Math For Love


    Is your summer math program looking to...

    • Have students explore math playfully with lots of games and hands on experiences
    • Create an environment that is safe and promotes love for mathematics
    • Make student thinking and engagement the center of the math classroom

    Math For Love has been used as a summer and intervention program in many districts.  Learn how you can adapt this program to serve the students in your district.  

    “We created Math for Love to combine Play and Rigor, we play and learn the big ideas! Our target is the student who falls through the cracks:  kids behind grade level.  English-language learners, and possibly those who have started to associate school and especially math—as a place they want nothing to do with. Our goal was to craft an experience for them that would be: 

    • Positive, and get them excited to come to school!
    • Productive, helping them step up toward, to, or beyond grade level
    • Playful, to help them bring their autonomy and creativity to mathematics, and truly own the subject.” Dan Finkel-Curriculum Creator

    Date: May 21, 2019

    Time: 8:30-3:30 

    Location:  ESD 105 Yakima Room

    Fee:  $50.00

    Session ID:  123965

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  • Improving Discourse Through Mathematics


    Mathematical Language Routines 

    Students need abundant and diverse opportunities for speaking, listening, reading and writing.  Mathematical development requires students to take risks, construct meaning, and create representations.  This two day series will provide participants with supports for students to develop mathematics through immersion in language strategies.

    Key Activies Include: 

    • Strategies to get students to construct grade-appropriate oral and written claims and support them with reasoning and evidence;
    • Understand how to open up mathematics to engage all students and foster greater academic conversations;
    • Increase productive and receptive language through use of productive routines and rich mathematical tasks.
    • Make connections of Mathematical Practices to the English Language Proficiency Standards


    Day One:  June 24, 2019

    Day Two:  June 25, 2019


    Time:  8:00-3:00

    Location:  ESD 105 Yakima Room

    Instructor:   Dawn Sparks & Luke Matlack

    Fee: $100.00

    Session: 123968

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  • Mathematical Mindsets- STEM Clock Hours


    This weeklong workshop will assist teachers and coaches in developing the mathematics potential for all students through rich tasks, growth mindset messages and student discourse. Participants are eligible for STEM clock hours. 

    Participants will receive a copy of Mathematical Mindsets. 

    Participants will:  

    • Engage in rich mathematical tasks and number talks across multiple grade levels to experience growth mindset in action.
    • Examine the research that supports the development of a growth mindset through a book study of Mathematical Mindsets.
    • Exploring the power of mathematical discourse to organize and deepen our understanding of mathematical ideas.


    Date:  June 26, 2019

               June 27, 2019


    Time:  8:00-3:00

    Location:  ESD 105 Yakima Room

    Instructors:   Luke Matlack, Dawn Sparks

    Fee:  $100.00

    Session Number:  123967

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  • Differentiation for Math Instruction In Middle School Classrooms

    Workshop Includes: 

    • How to select and use rich tasks that allow the time and space to engage all math learners
    • Ways to support teacher’s instruction when utilizing rich tasks
    • Consider strategies that maintain the cognitive demand in mathematics
    • Resources for differentiation in classrooms
    • Integrating STEM Concepts

    STEM Clock Hours Available

    Date: July 16th and 17th 2019

    Time: 8:00-12:00 Both Days

    Location:  ESD 105 Yakima Room

    Instructors:  Tanya Randolph, Dawn Sparks, Luke Matlack

    Fee:  $50

    Session ID:  123987

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