• Service Area:
    The South Central Region Information Service Center provides software services to member districts of the Washington School Information Processing Cooperative (WSIPC) utilizing the Skyward School Management System. We are one of nine regional service centers throughout Washington that support the Skyward software.

    We provide services to 40 school districts in ESD 105 and the Pasco-based ESD 123 regions including both ESDs. The South Central Region Information Service Center supports two product lines: Student and Fiscal/Human Resources. We have 38 organizations among school districts and ESDs using the Skyward School Business Suite, and 36 school districts on the Skyward Student Management System. Our members represent more than 69,000 FTE students.

    Our offices are located at ESD 105 at 33 South Second Avenue in Yakima, Washington, as well as a satellite office located at Walla Walla School District in Walla Walla, Washington. Our trainings/meetings are held in two different locations. ESD 105 at 33 South Second Avenue in Yakima, Washington, and ESD 123 at 3918 West Court Street, Pasco, Washington. 

    South Central Region Information Service Center is supported through members' FTE fees. We provide a tiered schedule based on FTE and are working towards operating with an 8% to 9% fund balance to maximize our members' fees and at the same time keeping the costs down to maintain a minimum fund balance. 

    The Fiscal/Human Resources software services support areas of the fiscal and human resource applications of the Skyward School Business Suite such as general ledger, accounts payable and receivable, purchasing, warehouse, payroll, personnel, and statewide reporting.

    The Student software service supports the use of the Skyward Student Management System for student scheduling, grading, attendance, special education, fee management, health records, food service, homeroom, and statewide reporting.

    Cooperative coordinators and support personnel provide ongoing technical support, trainings, and consultations for all facets of the Skyward School Management System, Washington state reports, and the new My School Data application.

    In addition to the services of the software support staff, our system support specialists provide all non-software support to school districts. The specialists provide support on printing issues, and assist in troubleshooting network connection issues. Our staff also supports and monitors all software and hardware equipment to help ensure services and school district databases are running at all scheduled times. The staff is also responsible for transferring files to other state agencies and banking institutions, and printing and assembling district output, such as warrants and report cards, for daily shipment and/or pickup at South Central Region Information Service Center.

    Mission Statement:
    South Central Region Information Service Center is committed to putting our customers first. We will continue to strive to have a real understanding of the issues that affect all of our customers and a genuine enthusiasm for what we do. We are committed to provide expertise, professionalism, courtesy, and quality as we provide information services to our Washington Central Region Counties.

    Computer Operations/Data Control operates the data cooperative's computer systems as well as printing, assembling and shipping reports and ordering and maintaining warrant stock for our customers.

    Software Support provides software specialists who give instruction and assistance to school districts in the use of Fiscal and Student Records software via trainings, in-district training sessions, webinars and phone support.

    If you need our assistance using the WESPaC, Skyward or Skyward Qmlativ Software, you can place a Footprints help ticket with us at footprints@esd105.org

    Contact Information
    Jill McFerrin
    Information Service Center Director
    Phone: (509) 454-3136