Information for Science Cooperative Coordinators

    This page is designed to support the work of Science Cooperative District Coordinators

    Questions about the Science Co-op Transition to NGSS-aligned units? - Contact Mike Brown

    Questions about Science Kits orders and materials? - Contact Brian Kelley

    Questions about Kit Training? - Contact Gayle Ames

    K-5 Science Information - 2018-19
    2019-20 - K-5 Science Kit Rotation Schedules


    NGSS-aligned Kits - Grades 1-5

    STC Legacy Kits - Grades 1-5

    2019-20 - K-5 Science Kit Training Schedules

    August 2019 Training - NGSS Phase 1 & 2

    Fall 2019 Training - NGSS Phase 1 & 2

    Winter 2020 - NGSS Phase 1 & 2
    Need STC Legacy Kit Training?  Contact Gayle Ames
    Science Cooperative Updates
    The latest news about K-5 Science kits and training that District Coordinators need to know.
    2018-19 Updates
    Fall Science Co-op Update

    Spring Science Co-op Update


Where to Pick Up or Return a Kit

  • Science Education Cooperative Kits are now stored and refurbished at the new Materials Center located at 68 W. Washington Avenue, Yakima, WA
    (Near the Post Office)
    Science Cooperative Materials Center   
    For Kit Delivery and Pick Up Schedules:
    New cover design!
    Science Journals are now STEM Notebooks!
    Science Cooperative STEM Notebook Cover