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Mt. Rainier with snow and spring meadow flowers

The Arts

The Arts in South Central Washington School Districts include dance, media arts, music, theatre, and visual arts. Quality instruction in the Arts is provided by specialists and classroom teachers.  District administrators and parents understand the importance of arts education in the classroom and work diligently to ensure quality K-12 art education.

Our Mission...

Leading with racial equity and culturally responsive practices, Art programs empowers educators to teach the arts and integrate them into all learning, so that each child thrives and collaboratively we close the opportunity gap for children of color and those experiencing poverty.

Teaching Creativity

  • The arts are one of the first languages young children speak and are a proven way to build kindergarten readiness skills and close opportunity and achievement gaps before they grow. 
  • Art instruction in the classroom teaches students the use visual and performing arts to help young learners develop skills in early literacy, math, science and social emotional learning.
  • Art classes led by teaching artists lead children in dance addition and subtraction, act the beginning, middle and end of a story, and paint their changing emotions. 
  • In addition to learning academic vocabulary and ideas, young children develop gross and fine motor skills, growth mindset and joy in learning through the arts.

Exploring the Benefits

Art in the elementary classroom has great beneficial effects on student learning by stimulating the multiple intelligences present in a typical groups of students.  Art activities can serve as a bridge to understanding for students; in addition, art has the potential to act as therapy for students with emotional issues.

During early development, students who have difficulty verbalizing ideas can use are as an alternative way to express themselves.