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Educational Technology's more than just computers and Wi-Fi!

Each of the 9 Educational Service Districts in Washington have a dedicated Ed Tech Coordinator who works closely with each other and OSPI. The teams can provide to schools the following:

  • technology consultation, procurement, and training
  • technical assistance and guidance to local school districts related to technology needs that may include consultation with other entities

ESD Ed Tech Coordinators collaboratively coordinate, plan, develop, and deliver Ed Tech professional development to support student learning both synchronously and asynchronously in areas such as:
  • Digital equity and inclusion
  • Cybersecurity and IT best practices
  • Media literacy and digital citizenship, and Internet safety
  • Federal/State Funding (E-rate, ECF)/procurement/fiscal resource strategic planning
  • Integration of instructional best practices with instructional technology, including Learning Management Systems.

We are here to support you!

Learn more about the Washington Association of Educational Service Districts (WA AESD) Educational Technology Network and services related to all of the above by clicking here.

To contact the Ed Tech Coordinator for ESD 105, please use the "Contact Us!" link.


Technology plays an important role as a tool within the teaching and learning process. In the 2021 Regular Session of the Washington State Legislature, House Bill 1365 (HB 1365) was passed regarding "Educational Technology".

 HB 1365 identified three purposes of the Act:

  1. Accelerate student access to learning devices and related goods and services;
  2. Expand professional learning programs and technical assistance on using technology to support student learning;
  3. Build the capacity of schools and districts to support digital navigation services for students and their families, especially for our underserved populations.
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