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Cybersecurity Tips

Cybersecurity and it best practices

  • The AESD/OSPI EdTech team is collaborating to provide school districts with cybersecurity and information technology resources and professional learning opportunities. Learn more: Cybersecurity and IT Best Practices

Tips for using public wi-fi and the internet safely

FBI's "Safe online surfing" project for parents, students, and teachers (grades 3-8)

  • The FBI's Safe Online Surfing (SOS) program teaches students in grades 3 to 8 how to navigate the web safely. The age-appropriate lessons and games cover topics like cyberbullying, protecting personal information, recognizing trustworthy and untrustworthy sites, and avoiding malware. The program is available in English or En Espanol (Navegando el Internet a Salvo).

information for how to report an internet crime

Consumer Alerts from the FBI Internet crime complaint center ic3

safe online behavior and process for reporting concerns

Cyberbullying and digital/internet safety

  • The Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) offers several resources for parents, students, and teachers at their website.