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MATH Fellows

The Fellows’ Network is a group of instructional leaders convened by the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, (OSPI) and the Association of Educational Service Districts (AESD) to support district and community implementation of statewide initiatives for mathematics, English Language Arts, Science and Early Learning.

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What areas do Math Fellows explore?

Doing Math Together

Part of building community is to have shared experiences.  Math Fellows “Do Math Together”. 

Examples from past Fellows Convenings include: 

  • Four 4’s-From Youcubed

  • Three Act Tasks

  • Squareable Numbers- Math For Love

  • And Many More!


The aim of Fellows is to inspire teacher leaders to engage in leadership of self, others, and an extended community.  In our program we explore tools that can support leadership development. 

Some tools include: 

  • Improvement Science

  • Concern’s Based Adoption Model

  • Evaluation Frameworks

  • Smart Goals

Ensuring Math for All

How do we know we reach all of our math learners to provide the instruction at the right time.  Fellows discuss attributes of equitable teaching through the following:  

  • NCTM’s Effective Teaching Practices

  • Four Key Recommendations from Catalyzing Change In Mathematics 

  • Building Thinking Classrooms

  • Modern Classrooms Blended Approach

Mathematically Productive Instructional Routines 

To support mathematical discourse and engagement Fellows have engaged in  Productive Instructional Routines. 

  • Productive:  Develops conceptual understanding, strengthens math reasoning, and builds fluency.

  • Instructional: Develops greater number sense

  • Routine: Repeated engagement over time developing greater mathematical agency and sense of identity. 

Routines Presented in Past Fellows Convenings: 

  • Number Talks

  • Unit Chats

  • Notice and Wonder

  • Three Reads

  • Capturing Quantities