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Health/Out of School Youth

The Migrant Education Health Program was designed to address specific health needs that affect a child's ability to participate effectively in educational learning activities 

ESD 105 offers assistance and coordination in the following areas but is not limited to:

  •   Physicals
  •   Wellness
  •   Eye Exam Screenings
  •   Funding preventative supplemental health services (nutrition, mental health, eye exams, medication, immunizations)
  •   Hygiene kits
  •   Health education
  •   Referrals

They key to our students success lies in our ability to create bridges between migrant students and the community resources they need 

We are eager to help with the following:

  • Identify and re-engage students
  • OSY professional learning community (PLC)
  • Assessment
  • Referrals & resources
  • Case management    

Contact our Health/OSY Coordinator Valeria Villa for more information.