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Supplemental Programs:

Engineering is Elementary: Elementary Modules

Engineering is Elementary is a curricular program that integrates engineering with elementary science topics taught in our region. This program gives migrant students the additional support they need to deepen their science and engineering skills and understanding.  The multi-lesson unit is designed to work with multiple grade levels in an organized format that spans from 12-20 instructional hours.

Engineering Everywhere:  Middle School Modules

Engineering Everywhere is a curriculum unit aimed at middle school students for supplemental/after school programs.  Engineering Everywhere gives students a chance to tackle real world engineering problems through the engineering design process, collaboration and creativity. Migrant supports are included to connect families and provide additional supports through science notebooks, language acquisition, guiding questions, and objectives for content and language. 

Professional Development and support materials are available for the following units: 

  • Don't Run Off: Designing Urban Landscapes
  • Here Comes the Sun: Designing Insulated Homes
  • Put a Lid on It: Designing Safety Helmets
  • Food For Thought: Designing Ice Cream

Family Engineering: 

Family Engineering provides children and their families informal experiences with engineering.  ESD 105 can support districts with the implementation of a Family Engineering event in your district.  Resources and materials are available per request in both English and Spanish. 

Materials include: 

  • Opener Activities
  • Table Signs
  • Engineering Design Challenges

 Ready, Set STEM! - Preschool Science Materials 

"Ready Set STEM!" is composed of two preschool science units targeted specifically for our youngest learners. The first unit is a physical science unit aimed at looking at the properties of materials found in and outside the home. Children will also experience sorting and counting as they look at everyday objects through the lens of a scientist. The second unit is a earth/life unit that has our youngest learners looking at plants and animals in our region. 

Young children are curious about the world around them.  They are also biologically prepared to learn about their world just like they are prepared to walk, talk and to interact socially with others.  Because they are ready to learn we have provided you and your child with the materials and the activities to begin their explorations