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The ESD 105 Multilingual Symposium is a two-day experience that includes a series of presentations and discussions that will provide guidance, answer questions and increase our capacity to seize everyday as an opportunity to accelerate learning for our multilingual learners. 
Our featured speaker, Dr. John Medina, will guide us through the mechanics of the adolescent brain and highlight how this phase of cognitive growth is a unique opportunity to increase both academic and linguistic skills, while nurturing emotional intelligence and a sense of agency by honoring student voice. Based on his book, Attack of the Teenage Brain: Understanding and Supporting the Weird and Wonderful Adolescent Learner, Dr. Medina will unlock the mysteries of the teenage brain and highlight how instruction can better meet the needs of our multilingual learners.
The symposium will also include a panel discussion and break out sessions that will include presentations on topics such as collaboration and co-planning, implementation of the WIDA framework, understanding what the Science of Reading means for multi-language learners and instructional strategies from the OCDE Project GLAD® model.