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Online Learning Resources

Washington State OSPI Science Site

Grades K-12: PBS Learning Media - Resources for K-12

  •  Supports for Multiple Subject Areas
  •  Videos, Documents, Interactive Lessons

Grades K-5: Carolina "Learning From Home" Resources

  •  Resources from Building Blocks of Science™ 3D for Grades K–5
  • Literacy Articles
  • Take Home Science Activities
  •  Science In the News
  •  Phenomena Videos
  • Smithsonian Science For the Classroom Stories for Grades 1–5
    •  (Available in English, Spanish, on-grade & below grade reading levels)
  • Science Magnifier™ eBooks for Grades 3–5 (English and Spanish)
  • Printable resources for the Science Magnifier™ (Grades 3-5)
  • Onnovators in Science, Grades K–5

Grades 6-8: Carolina "Learning From Home" Resources

  • STCMS™ Research Modules
  • Innovators in Science, Grades 6–8
  • At Home Activities for All Middle School Science Teachers and Students
  • Science Games & Products for Teachers, Parents, & MS Students
  • Microsoft Hacking STEM Projects
  • Free Apple iPhone and iPad Apps

Grades K-8: Smithsonian Science Ed Center - Distance Learning Resources

  • Games, Simulations, Videos, eBooks
  • Resources for Educators and Caregivers

Grades K-12: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory - DNA Learning Center Live

  • Live Chats, Videos, Virtual Field Trips, Biology Animations

Grades K-5: Link to Science Cooperative Remote Learning Resources Bookmarks - Carolina Science Online