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How to Enter


All entries for the Art Show must be submitted online using the form provided (instructions below).


Gayle Ames at ESD 105 will be emailing Art Teachers a entry form link and password to access the entry form webpage (link found on the Navigation menu to the right). If you have not received the link, you may email Gayle Ames ( with your contact information (district, school, your name, email address) so that she may send the password to you.


Any high school student (public and private) in grades 9-12 is eligible to enter the regional show. Only public school students are eligible for awards, but private students may still receive scholarships.

Entry Limits

Up to 15 entries per art teacher. If you have any questions regarding entry limits, please contact Gayle Ames (

Size Limits

Most art will qualify. If you have an exceptionally large selection, please contact Gayle Ames ( to discuss the entry.

Judging Process

Artwork is rated based on three categories in alignment with the Washington State Arts K–12 Learning Standards:

  1. Creativity - Artwork demonstrates original thinking and expressive, artistic perceptions.
  2. Composition - Artwork demonstrates a unique and sensitive way of answering artistic problems. It illustrates student understanding of and ability to interpret the elements of art and the principles of design. It makes a unique statement.
  3. Technique - Artwork demonstrates student competency in using the medium to achieve the desired outcome.

In addition: Artwork submitted to the High School Art Show must be completely original.

How to Enter

It is up to the discretion of each school’s art teacher(s) which pieces to choose to send to the art show. Artwork that is not acceptable in a school district, due to policy and practice, is not acceptable at the ESD or state level. Art teachers are responsible for complying with the ESD105 guidelines and policy.

Entry Process

  1. Each art teacher chooses the pieces they will send to the show, collaborating with other art teachers in the school as needed.
  2. Submit the required forms, photos, and videos described below.

Requirements & Forms

Students must be enrolled in a public high school, private school, or a Tribal School in Washington.

All artwork submitted to the High School Art Show MUST be completely original. Any artwork determined to be a copy will be disqualified from the Art Show.

Each submission must include by the entry deadline date:
  1. Completed online entry form (This includes required contact information for the student, parent/guardian, teacher, and school officials.) Entry Form is available through the navigation menu located on the right of this page.
  2. 2023 Art Show Release Form MUST be completed. The link to the form can be found by reviewing the Navigation menu on the right side of this page. 
For student artists who receive a "Judges Choice Award" and wish to advance to the OSPI state competition, the following additional requirements must be met in order to advance to the state competition:
  • High quality photo (300 dpi or greater) of the artwork
    • A minimum of 1 high-resolution photograph of the art piece must be submitted via email to Gayle Ames (
  •  Video of the artist statement, up to 2 minutes in length. Please contact Gayle Ames ( if you need assistance with this requirement.