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Family Engagement - Involucramiento Familiar

Family Engagement
Parent and Family Engagement Parent Advisory Council (PAC) Digital Story Telling- A Culturally Sensitive Writing Academy for Family Engagement 

This workshop is designed for mainstream educators, migrant program staff, parent leaders and their secondary age children. The strategies developed for digital storytelling may be applied in family literacy programs as well as in classrooms.  Participants will learn how to engage families and build supportive learning communities  through empowerment  by creating and sharing family stories. 

These stories generate rich literacy learning contexts, integrate technology and support families in honoring, sharing and celebrating migrant family backgrounds. Participants craft a first person narrative using the Seven Elements of Storytelling.  Stories may be shared on the ESD 105 Migrant Office’s Cyber Café.

Family Engineering

Family Engineering provides children and their families informal experiences with engineering.  ESD 105 can support districts with the implementation of a Family Engineering event in your district.  Resources and materials are available per request in both English and Spanish.  Materials include: Opener ActivitiesTable SignsEngineering Design Challenges Ask the Right Question-

Family Engagement in Education

When parents don't get involved in their child's education often times is it because parents don't know the right question to ask.  In this workshop parents will be empowered to ask questions to advocate for their child.  The Right Question Family Engagement Strategy builds parents skills to ask the right questions and support three specific roles in their child's education.  During this workshop parents will be able to support their children's education, monitor their child's progress in school, and advocate for their child when necessary