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Language Acquisition

Welcome to Multilingual/English Learner (m/EL) Program Services

ESD 105 partners with districts serving Multilingual/English Learners, offering support services to improve school and student success.

Our services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • m/EL Professional Development
  • WIDA Training and support
  • PLCs
  • English Language Proficiency Standards
  • ELL Support
  • Academic Conversations
  • Strategies to Bridge Language & Content
  • AMAO data analysis
  • Analysis of student performance tasks
  • Foundations of Sheltered Instruction
  • Differentiating Instruction for ELD
  • Use of Language Acquisition in the Resource Room
  • Work with EL Teachers

Our Language Acquisition Team

Cynthia Juarez

Cynthia Juarez

Titles: Executive Director Early Learning and Migrant Education
Locations: Perez
Phone Numbers:
School: 509-454-2488

Samantha Thomas

Titles: Migrant Academic Service Coordinator - ELA
Locations: Perez
Phone Numbers:
School: 509-454-5307

Marion Whipple

Titles: Administrative Assistant
Locations: Perez
Phone Numbers:
School: 509-945-1878