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Grade 1-5 NGSS Phase 1 Units

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       First Grade
How Can We Send a Message Using Sound?

     Second Grade
How Can We Stop Soil From Washing Away?

      Third Grade
How Can We Protect Animals When Their Habitat Changes?

     Fourth Grade
How Can We Provide energy to Peoples Homes? book cover
       Fifth Grade

How Can We Provide Freshwater to those In Need?

Digital Resources for NGSS Phase 1 Units

Our Strategy to Select and Implement NGSS "Phase 1" Units

  • The transition to NGSS Phase 1 started in January, 2018.

    Teacher Leaders and Master Trainers were trained in the use of NGSS Screening tools.

    They piloted the new units, evaluated their alignment with the NGSS and other critical criteria.

    Master Trainers and Apprentice Trainers collaborated to design training content for Science Co-op teachers.

    Six hour kit trainings were facilitated by Science Co-op Master Trainers assisted by Apprentice Trainers.

    Some training was delivered in Districts to leverage Professional Development days.

    422 teachers received training at sessions held at ESD 105 and in Districts during the 2018-19 school year!

    4 Apprentice Trainers have developed into Master Trainers to help scale future teacher professional learning for other new kits.