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K-5 Science Education Cooperative

 Important facts about the K-5 Science Cooperative:

  • Science Cooperative membership serves 20 School Districts and 3 Private Schools in South Central Washington
  • The Cooperative is governed by a Science Executive Committee comprised of Administrators from member districts.
  • Each Science Cooperative District provides a designated Coordinator to manage communication and module logistics.
  • Science Cooperative Districts share ownership of NGSS-aligned and STC "Legacy" kits developed by non-profit research-based organizations like the Smithsonian Institution.
  • Each unit is used three times during a school year by in different Science Co-op classrooms.
  • Modules are refurbished by the STEM Resource Center and are delivered to classrooms ready to teach.
  • Teachers receive training for each module delivered by local Master Science Teacher Trainers.

What Are The New Kits? When Can I Start Teaching Them?

  • Download this slide show to learn about each of the new NGSS-aligned kits and when they will be implemented.

    NGSS Transition Phases

The Power of "Physical" Experiences

  • Our Students Must Engage in Phenomena and Solve Problems Through Physical Experiences!

    The Power of Physical "Stuff" in a Digital World

    Dr. Carol O'Donnell, Director of the Smithsonian Science Education Center, delivers a "TED Talk" about balancing physical and electronic learning experiences for children.

    The Power of Physical "stuff" in our Digital World

How Will the Transition to NGSS-Aligned Units Take Place?

  • 1. The Transition will progress in annual "Phases" starting in 2018-19.

    2. Teacher Leaders and Master Trainers will "Pilot" each new unit, then collaborate to develop training for Science Co-op teachers.

    3. The Science Co-op's STEM Resource Center will incorporate feedback from Pilot teachers to prepare the new units for classrooms.

    4. As each Phase is implemented, existing "Legacy" units will be repurposed or distributed to Science Co-op members.

    5. Six hour unit trainings will be facilitated by Science Co-op Master Trainers assisted by Apprentice Trainers.