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Solids and Liquids

In Solids and Liquids, students investigate the similarities and differences in a variety of common solids and liquids. First, they observe, describe, and compare a collection of solid objects, focusing on such properties as color, shape, texture, and hardness. They also perform tests to determine whether the objects roll or stack and float or sink, as well as whether they are attracted to a magnet.

Science is the perfect partner for Common Core Standards and STEM Teaching and Learning!

Children can demonstrate proficiency with Common Core standards as they experience activities from modules like Solids and Liquids.  They read informational text, record and analyze data, construct explanations, construct and defend arguments from evidence, and present their ideas to classmates and the teacher.

Science Co-op modules also provide opportunities for children to apply what they learn about science concepts to solve engineering design problems like cleaning up an oil spill.


Students apply the STEM disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math in Solids and Liquids lessons.