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NGSS Kindergarten

Digital Resources For Kindergarten Units

Carolina Science Online

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Push, Pull, Go


Push, Pull, Go Teacher Guide

In Push, Pull, Go, students build science toys to discover how objects move. Using a foam ball, a line of tumbling dominos, a swing, a slide, and a spinning top, students are challenged to build a contraption that "works."

Weather and Sky

Weather & Sky Teacher Guide

In Weather and Sky, students learn to observe weather and explore patterns in weather, dangerous weather, and the Sun as Earth’s main source of light and heat through investigation, discussion, and problem-solving. Students make observations and predictions, collect and analyze data, plan and carry out investigations, and practice engineering skills.

Living Things and Their Needs

Coming in 2020-2021!
Living things and their Needs Teacher Guide

Living Things and Their Needs provides hands-on, inquiry-based investigations focused on phenomena that support ideas related to the preferred living habits of living things.