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Resources for Principals

An Overview for Principals

This resource will introduce you to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and provide a general overview of the key instructional and conceptual shifts required by NGSS Innovations


From AWSP - Why Elementary Science?  - Video Workshop

In this workshop, Amber McCulloch, K–12 Science Specialist at OSPI, and Scott Seaman, Director of Professional Learning at AWSP, walk you through some learning tools centered around why elementary science, what does good science instruction look like, and how building leadership teams can best implement changes to what science instruction looks like in your school.

From AWSP - Why Climate Science - Video Workshop

This workshop focuses on the importance of teaching climate science in our schools.  Included are Learning Tools such as:

  • Reflecting on the Why
  • The Importance of Teaching Climate Science
  • Teaching Climate Change
  • What Do I Need to Know About Cliamte Science?
  • Fostering Hope and Resilience

STEM Teaching Tool #43 - Why Do We Need to Teach Science in Elementary School?

Part of a larger set of resources from the UW Institute for Science + Math Education -,

the Why Elementary Science Video Workshop incorporates information from this document into its activities.