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A front view of Newbridge Learning Academy in Zillah, Washington.
Newbridge Learning Academy logo with a bridge and ESD 105 sun

Newbridge Learning Academy (NLA) is a program provided through Educational Service District 105 in partnership with area districts for students in grades Kg – 5.

The program is designed to address the behavioral and academic needs of students with emotional and behavioral challenges that exceed the school’s resources to support.

The Newbridge program is for students with identified disabilities and who demonstrate primary learning needs in the social emotional skills domain. They may need specially designed instruction to strengthen their academic skills and/or possibly their functional life skills, but their primary identified need is in the area of social emotional.

Newbridge Students

The Newbridge program involves the teaching, modeling, practicing and reinforcing of the social-emotional, coping, and the academic skills necessary to help students develop healthy attitudes that can be transferred back into the general educational setting and beyond. The New Student Road Map is used as a guide for student’s being referred to the program.

Students who potentially qualify for services at Newbridge Learning Academy typically exhibit all or most of the following characteristics:

  • Displays severe behavioral, emotional and/or social concerns, that may include internalizing or externalizing behaviors
  • Displays continual chronic patterns of behavior that impacts their learning and/or the learning of others to a marked degree, which may include aggressive, physical or unsafe behaviors toward self or others
  • As evidenced by collected data, the student has not responded to a Tiered System of individualized behavior interventions/supports in a less restrictive environment
  • May require specially designed instruction in one or more academic areas
  • Has shown benefit from access to mental health and/or wrap around services



The ultimate goal of the Newbridge program is for students to successfully reintegrate into a less restrictive environment within their home district following the intentional, highly structured, and supported transition process with the skills, abilities and attitudes to be successful in all areas of their life.

Since Newbridge Learning Academy's doors opened in the fall of 2017, we have successfully reintegrated 5 students, and are currently in the process of transitioning 3 students back to their districts. All students have flourished since, and we want to thank our district partners for the exceptional work they have done to ensure student success!

where it all started...........

The development of the Newbridge program was supported and endorsed by nationally recognized, Diana Browning Wright, Co-Founder of Positive Environments . . .

 "I am so impressed with what has been accomplished in such a very short period of time. Due to everyone’s skill and commitment to the program, Newbridge has made more progress than any other start up program I’ve had anywhere in the country."

 "The entire team, from administration, to mental health support, to teaching excellence is just astounding. I feel certain that expanding the program with this foundation is going to lead to even more students in districts coming to Newbridge to achieve success.”                                                                                                              

 Diana Browning Wright, M.S., L.E.P.

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We're Moving!

Newbridge Learning Academy will be moving to our new location in the fall of 2022-2023.


More information to come!