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Student Exit Roadmap

Request for Consultation Process

NLA Principal contacts the Director of Special Services (of the district in which the student attended)

  • Sending School Special Services Director notifies home school principal of initiation of reintegration.
  • NLA Principal will contact and inform parent/guardian of the initiation
  • NLA Team initiates a new evaluation to determine qualifying areas for services.

o   Evaluation to be completed by receiving school team in collaboration with NLA Team.

  • NLA Team completes Transition Planning Form. NLA Principal notifies ESD 105 Special Services Director.

Exchange of Information

The following documents are sent to home district:

  • Reintegration packet to include:
  • Transition Planning Form
  • Behavior Data
  • Academic Data

Observation and Debrief Meeting

Once all documents have been received . . .

  • Home School Special Education and/or General Ed. Teacher will meet and observe their student at NLA.
  • NLA Teacher, Principal, and/or behavior specialist observe classroom in receiving district, Receive homeschool classroom schedule
  • NLA Team meets with home school team to share:

o   Student current schedule, point sheets and any other pertinent information.

NLA Principal contacts receiving school Special Services Director

  • Date is set for the IEP/Re-Evaluation/Transfer Team meeting to finalize placement.

Re-Evaluation/IEP Team meeting is held to determine placement

Meeting is held with family and both NLA and receiving school staff. Meeting Goals:

  • IEP is amended or new IEP is created to reflect change in placement based on current evaluation
  • Student input is shared regarding their thoughts/feelings on reintegration
  • Schedule is set for student to visit/tour school and general education classroom.
  • Review student’s reintegration timeline schedule and determine start date.

o   (Reference Student Reintegration - Transition Form)

  • Share recommendations for accommodations/modifications, determine specific supports needed
  • Determine specific student(s) and staff for immediate positive connections, to support in reintegration
  • Receiving district confirms transportation schedule, in line with Reintegration Timeline.

Student tours their new school/classroom.

 Student begins reintegration timeline schedule. NLA teaching staff communicates daily through e-mail with receiving school staff until student is fully reintegrated, at which time communication will consist of a weekly progress report.