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New Student Roadmap



Request for Consultation Process

  • Parent notified of consultation with NLA, signs Mutual Exchange of Information between sending district and NLA
  • Special Services Director (of the district in which the student attends) contacts NLA Principal
  • District Special Services Director confers with District Superintendent – Assumed
  • Requesting District completes NLA Program Referral Form, sends completed form to NLA


  • NLA Principal notifies ESD105 Special Services Director regarding receipt of referral
  • Fiscal discussion initiated through ESD105 Special Services Director – Assumed

Once NLA Program Referral Form has been received and reviewed . . .

Meeting is scheduled with sending school team/NLA team to include:            DATE:

  • Sending District Special Services Director
  • Sending School Principal
  • Sending School Psychologist
  • Sending School Special Education Teacher
  • Sending School Counselor
  • NLA Principal, BCBA, NLA Teacher, Prevention Intervention Specialist
  • Mental Health Counselor if appropriate

Meeting Focus:

  • Review student referral
  • Review current evaluation
  • Review current comprehensive IEP
  • Review current tiered supports/interventions in place and supporting data
  • Review current transcript and schedule
  • Review other relevant documents from student Cumulative District File
  • Date(s)/time(s) set to observe student in their current placement

Observation(s) Debrief

Does the student meet the criteria for NLA?

YES, continue to PHASE TWO

NO, Process complete, *District contacts parents

Available, in school supports reviewed


NLA Principal contacts District Special Services Director

  • Connection is made to make final recommendation
  • Enrollment timeframe is shared

Staffing with Sending School Team

  • Share/review student information
  • Make required updates to IEP
  • Schedule students start date     DATE:
  • Schedule intake meeting and confirm start date with family


Intake/IEP/evaluation Meeting

  • Held with family and both NLA and representatives from sending school staff
  • Student tour of NLA is confirmed     DATE:
  • Start date is confirmed       DATE:
  • Sending District confirms transportation
  • NLA NEW STUDENT PACKET is completed by parent/guardian

Student and parent(s)/guardian(s) tour NLA and meets staff

Student begins attending NLA