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Special Ed Cooperatives

Working together to build capacity

Supporting districts with meeting and serving students with disabilities

The ESD 105 regional cooperative was formed in 1970 in partnership with area school districts to provide a full range of specialized and related services for students with disabilities within the regions rural communities. The cooperative is governed by an executive board, which includes participating special education administrators and superintendents. 

The primary goal of the cooperative is to provide direct related services for students with disabilities while supporting teachers, administrators, families, and other providers. ESD 105 is authored to develop, manage, and provide services or program to students eligible for special education services within our school districts. 

A wide variety of support services are available to Cooperative members, which includes the following services:

  • Educational support services for students with Autism
  • Behavioral Mental Health Services
  • Educational Vision Services - Teacher for Visually Impaired/Orientation and Mobility
  • Occupational Therapy and COTA 
  • Speech and Language Services

If your district is in need of support in one or more of these services, please contact Dr. Melissa Matczak, Assistant Director of Special Services, at 509-834-6816.

In addition to the direct services, member districts also enjoy the benefits of comprehensive support services. These include: 

  • Consultation for program coordination

  • Case Management and progress reporting
  • IEP meeting attendance, IEP team development
  • Consults and educator support
  • Staff and family support