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Levy & Bond Communication Resources

As you gear up to share information about your local levy or bond campaign with your school community, make use of the toolkit resources on this page to inform your area's residents about the purposes of levy and bond elections and the role these votes have in funding your school's programs, services and facilities.  These materials were developed through the ESD School Communications Collaborative, a partnership involving ESDs 112, 123, 105, 189, and 114.   

 Video: "Growing Education" — This 2-minute animated video explains the differences between school levies and bonds, and their role in supporting K-12 education in our state.

♦ FAQ:  "Bonds & Levies - The Seeds of School Funding" — A quick Q&A guide addressing 13 common questions about the differences between bonds and levies, how they are approved, and related issues involved with state and local school funding.

♦ Social media posts — A series of nine informational messages about levies and bonds to include on your social media outlets, which can be accompanied by images from some of the options offered below, plus six suggested hastags that can be included with your Twitter posts.    

♦ Graphics for social media posts and other uses — Click and drag any of the images below onto your screen to use for supplementing your social media posts or in adding to your website or printed publications: