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Pupil Transportation Management Training Program (CWU)



Student transportation operations have become increasingly complicated over the years.  Changing times have created a multitude of state and federal regulations and local school board policies to operate within.  In addition, more stringent training and commercial licensing requirements now exist, along with a need to understand risk management and avoiding liability pitfalls.  And then there’s fleet planning and purchasing, fleet maintenance, budget constraints, and increasingly complicated union contracts.

And if all of that weren’t enough, a need for all transportation professionals to have strong leadership, communications, and interpersonal skills to lead and work within the most diverse workforce and student population in history!


Since 1989, the CWU PTMTP program has addressed these topics, and more!!

The certificate program, which is administered by a steering committee representative of the pupil transportation field, coordinates a well-planned professional growth agenda.

 Completion of these two sections will lead to a program graduation certificate:

The Transportation Core

Professional Skills Electives

The Transportation Core is composed of four thirty-hour levels offered during the summer at Central Washington University, with a term project and presentation due at a follow-up meeting in October.  These levels are specific to the needs of the school transportation leader and team, and are offered with the option of obtaining three professional development credits through CWU.  NOTE: Participants do not have to be pursuing the graduate certificate to take part in the summer core levels.  A certificate of completion will be given at the conclusion of each of the four levels with full participation and a passing grade. 

 The Professional Skills Electives are generic courses offered by community colleges, universities, and in some cases, accredited staff development programs.  Program participants complete electives at their own rate during the academic year.  Previous credit course work may be applied and online courses offered by accredited institutions may also apply.  The program makes use of college credit course work to maximize the potential of applicability to a college degree program.