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WASA South Central Region

Membership for the Washington Association of School Administrators/South Central Region (WASA/SCR) includes school district superintendents, administrators, higher education, private and tribal school representatives.


  1. We will focus ourselves on powerful learning in every classroom every day.
  2. We will use the expertise and experience of our peers to build better school systems for our communities through exchange of ideas, collaborative professional development, and formal programs led by regional groups.
  3. We will use our role as leaders representing the region’s schools to educate and influence state and federal legislators and policy makers about issues affecting our schools and our students.
  4. We will increase the participation and support of members of WASA at the South Central Region WASA meetings by providing flexible meeting structures and content that meets members’ needs.

WASA Calendar

First page of the PDF file: WASA-SCR2021-22CalendarDraft