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Welcome to the Homepage of K20 Networking

The K-20 Network provides a statewide network for intranet, Internet and interactive video services to all K-12 school districts. The operational arm of K-20 is called "K-20 Operations Cooperative" (KOCO) and helps resolve K-20 network problems.

Multipoint or point-to-point videoconferences involve the transmission of image and audio between two or more locations over ISDN or Internet connections. This is accomplished through videoconferencing equipment that includes cameras, microphones, speakers and sometimes a computer. The three most popular types of video conferencing equipment in Washington are manufactured by VTelZydacron and Polycom.

ESD 105 is the K-20 Network point of contact for identifying videoconferencing problems (data and video) for the school districts within the ESD 105 region, and in working with KOCO to diagnose problems within the K-20 Network.

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Kirk Leuenberger

Titles: Technology Coordinator
Locations: Allen
Phone Numbers:
School: 509-454-3115