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Workers' Compensation Resources

Workers’ Compensation Filing Information

ESD 105 is subject to Washington industrial insurance laws and has been approved by the state to cover its own workers’ compensation benefits.  Self-insured employers must provide all benefits required by the laws.  

If you become injured on the job or develop an occupational disease, you will be entitled to industrial insurance benefits.  Your claim will be handled and your benefits paid by ESD 105. 

The first time you see a doctor, you may choose any health-care provider who is qualified to treat your injury.  For ongoing care, you must be treated by a doctor in the Labor and Industries' medical network. (Find network providers at L&I).

Complete a “Physician’s Initial Report” form at your doctor’s office.  Have your doctor complete and mail this form to the Workers' Compensation department at the ESD.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact the Workers' Compensation Department at (509)454-3132. 

Report your injury or disease immediately to your supervisor and contact the Workers' Compensation Department at (509)454-5316 or
You will be provided with a “Self Insured Accident Report” (SIF-2).  You must complete this form with your employer if you seek medical treatment.