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Safety Committee Information

WAC 296-800-130 - Safety Committees:

The safety committee is a way to communicate and evaluate safety and health issues brought up by employees in the workplace. 

  • Your safety committee must comprise of employee elected and employer selected members.  Employee elected members must equal or exceed the number of employer selected members.
  • The term of employee elected members must be a maximum of one year.  There is no limit to the number of terms an employer representative can serve.
  • The safety committee must cover these topics:
    • Review safety and health inspection reports to help correct safety hazards
    • Evaluate the accident investigations conducted since the last meeting to determine if the cause of the unsafe situation was identified and corrected.
    • Evaluate your workplace accident and illness prevention program and discuss recommendations for improvement, if needed.
    • Document attendance and subjects discussed. 
    • Preserve minutes from the meeting for at least one year.


Safety Committee Meetings Minutes form