• South Central Washington STEM

    SCW STEM Network Governance - Web500The South Central Washington STEM Network is comprised of leaders from the worlds of education, business, and industry in Yakima and Kittitas counties who are dedicated to developing the learning and career opportunities within our region in the expanding areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

    Our Mission Statement:

    To inform, educate and involve south central Washington community partners in the development of a highly skilled workforce that recognizes 21st century knowledge, skills and dispositions.
    Our Vision:  
    Vital south central Washington communities prepared to succeed in the 21st century economy.
    Our Theory of Action:
    IF our regional advocates for STEM-based education ... and IF we securely connect our business, or communities, and our formal and informal education opportunities in this effort ... and IF we produce a highly skilled workforce based on this initiative, THEN we will build vital communities that prepare our students to succeed in the 21st century economy.

    Our Goals and Objectives: 
    Education, Business/Education Partnerships, Communications & Advocacy, and Possibilities
    South Central WA STEM Network Business Plan - cover-WebGoal 1: Education — Establish and support STEM-based preK-20 educational experiences that ensure students graduate from high school STEM literate and college/career ready.
    A.  Develop appropriate content, materials, instructional strategies and assessments preK-12 aligned to Common Core State Standards and NGSS to ensure students graduate STEM literate with 21st century skills.
    B. Advocate and support comprehensive student counseling programs (preK-12) that include STEM literacy and connect classrooms to real world alternatives and opportunities.
    C. Intentionally connect and engage higher education in efforts to prepare STEM literate students for college/careers.
    Goal 2: Business/Education Partnerships — Develop strong partnerships between the business and education communities to ensure all students in South Central Washington become STEM literate and career/college ready.
    A.  Formalize partnerships and initiatives between the business and education communities that advance STEM literacy.
    B. Create an online clearinghouse and technical assistance center that helps business and education advance STEM initiatives and literacy.
    Goal 3: Communications & Advocacy — Develop a communications capability that clearly and effectively advocates and conveys the need for STEM literacy, and connects the business community, education community, and families and the public at large about the South Central Washington STEM Initiative.
    A.  Articulate a clear, meaningful definition of STEM Literacy that can be understood and operationalized by educators, and understood by our business and community stakeholders.
    B. Design a web presence that provides a reliable and dynamic web interface between education, business, students, parents and the general public.
    C. Advocate for broad availability of STEM education and activities throughout ESD 105, and support family involvement.
    D. Collaborate with STEM Network partners to educate and advocate the importance of STEM to all educators, businesses, families and communities with intentional outreach to the diversity of youth and communities in our region.
    Goal 4: Possibilities — Explore possibilities that will capture the imagination of our partners for expanding STEM opportunities in our region, and identify possible partners and funding sources.