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    Professional Development Offerings On-Demand:

    Looking for some professional development options that you can take on your own time?  Missed an earlier session or want to take a second look at it?  

    Here's a list of workshops that are available from online sources, including recordings of some of our own recent Zoom sessions -- that you can view at any time.  Unless noted otherwise, clock hours are not currently available for viewing the recorded sessions.  (Also, check the current list of upcoming live Zoom events here.)

    ♦ Racial Realities Past & Present: A Primer  —  Dr. Kyle Kinoshita presented this 2-part series aimed at providing a backgound and foundatinoal knowledge in leading for racial equity in education and community work.  His topics cover historical origins of the concept of race, the modern forms of racial statification and how they developed, how concepts of race and racism can morph according to the times, and what this all means to those who want to work for social justice.  This presentation was originally given on March 8 and 10, 2021.
    School educators and community members
    Approximate length:
    2 parts, each part running approximately 2 hours
    - Click here for part 1.  Use passcode *$tYuKx8
    - Click here for part 2.  
    Use passcode %T.07=1X

    ♦ Standards Gradebook
    Mary Rosenboom from our Student Records team shows tips and tricks in using the Standards Gradebook software.  This session covers basics such as displays, online assessments, message center, and reports.
    For:  K-12 teachers who use Skyward Standards-based Grading/Gradebook
    Approximate length:  2 hours (Recorded 4/3/2020)
    Click here to view.  

    ♦ Supporting Motor Skills in the Classroom — Cara Nippert delves into practical tips and strategies for helping students with motor delays.  Among the topics covered:  typical motor development, supporting posture, selecting pencil grips, adapted scissors and paper, and strategies for pencil pressure, spacing, reversals, and line adherence.    
    For:  Preschool to middle school teachers
    Approximate length:  80 minutes (Recorded 4/15/2020)
    Click here to view.

    ♦ SWIS (School-Wide Information System) & Data-Based Decision Making  
    —  Brandon Riddle from our School Climate Improvement program provides an introduction to SWIS -- a tool for data-based decision making -- and explains how it can be applied to make a positive impact at your school.
    For:  K-12 staff members
    Approximate length:  1 hour (Recorded 3/30/2020)
    Click here to view.