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Welcome to Information Technology

Our Mission:  Technology Success for Our Users, Our Systems and Our Districts

Greetings and Welcome to Information Technology!  Our department is dedicated to tech and the people who use it - we love to learn new things, look to the future and above all support the needs of the present.  If technology isn't understood, it's not effective!  Please check out these pages and links and see what we can do for you.  You'll find everything from implementation roadmaps to tech tours, on-site reviews and solutions from educational tech folks just like you.  Here's the best part:  if you have a tech need or require a resource that's not listed here, just let us know - we'll do our best to meet it!  Our mission is technological success for our users, our systems and our districts.  We'll do our best to make that happen.


Information Technology

Service Description Contact
Interim Staff Temporary staffing to cover vacancies, from tech support to Technology Director. Also assistance with the hiring process. Chris Weedin (
On-Site Technicians Contracted services for desktop tech support with a regular, weekly, on-site technician. Chris Weedin (
Professional Development Training in technology use and operations, on-site or in the Conference Center; Google Apps, iPads, hardware, software and custom. Chris Weedin (
School Safety Solutions for school safety and security Chris Weedin (
Technology Consulting Contracted services for small or large scale technology projects. Chris Weedin (
Technology Reviews On-site analysis of a district's technology services and processes. Chris Weedin (
Website Hosting School District Website hosting. Full templates and complete control of your design. Chris Weedin (

Contact Information

Chris Weedin
Technology Coordinator
office:  (509) 853-2047
cell:  (509) 654-8983
Kirk Leuenberger
Network Specialist
office: (509) 454-3115
cell:  (509) 952-3271
Izzac Chavez
IT Technician
office:  (509) 853-2042
cell:  (509) 834-9185
Joe Moore
IT Technician
office:  (509) 834-6821
cell:  (509) 834-0292
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