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    Some see seeds, some see wishes!

    Some see weeds, some make wishes...
    How true these words are today.  No one chooses to have a yard full of dandelions, yet it might be the only thing keeping your yard green. 

    Resources for Students: 

    In tough times generosity abounds.  There are many free math resources for student use.  Here are a few that have come across my email…

    i-Ready.com/AtHome For K-8 Students

    These packs are designed to reinforce key concepts and provide students with valuable self-directed exercises and practice during extended absences from school.   

    Printable activity packs are available for grades K-8, for reading and mathematics, in English and Spanish Language versions. The packs require no software licenses, contact information, or passwords, and are available to any educator or parent who finds them valuable.

    SFUSD Math Elementary School Closure Lessons For K-5 Students

    In preparation for school closures, SFUSD has produced 10 days of activities that teachers can choose to assign to students for them to complete at home. The stand-alone activities are designed for students to do on paper without technology and are available to all under the Creative Commons Attribution License. 

    All Elementary lesson plans and student pages (both English and Spanish versions) are Google Docs located in grade-level Google Drive folders that you can access. 

    Origo at Home: For K-5 Students

    Origo has created weekly, digital content plans for home use. The weekly plans contain activities for each day, along with digitally accessible or downloadable resources, designed for delivery by a caregiver or remote teacher. These resources complement the mathematical concepts and skills your students are learning at their grade level.

    Great Minds: Knowledge on the Go For K-12 Students

    From the publishers of Eureka Math, Great Minds Knowledge on the Go are providing online resources for K-12 Math, K-8 English Language Arts and 3-5 Science.  New video lessons will be posted daily. 

    OSPI OER Core Instructional Material Options for Mathematics For K-12 Students

    These are full-course openly licensed resources for districts interested in exploring OER options when considering core instructional materials.  Course materials are available for online viewing or download. 

    Link to OSPI Math Page

    Fawn Nguyen:  For K-8 Students

    Four weeks of ongoing math learning for grades K-8.  Fawn, an amazing math professional development provider and math coach, has posted 4 weeks of content learning from sites like Open Middle, Which One Doesn't Belong and the Math Learning Center.  In addition Fawn has linked other resources that can be accessed as well.  Take a look- Well worth the time!


    DREME:  Development and Research in Early Mathematics Education For Pre K Students

    A resource for families and caregivers to support young children's early math learning.  

    Some of Dawn's Favorite Math Sites...

    Math For Love:  Games and resources for teachers and parents.  

    Solve Me Puzzles:  Online math puzzles for students to play. 

    Youcubed:  Select the Tasks and More Tab for activites for students.  






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  • Math Blasts! 

    Math Blast

    Happy Monday! (April 6th)
    Previous Math Blasts: 
    Week One Link:  Video Link March 23, 2020
    Week Two Link:  Video Link March 30, 2020
    Each week the ESD 105 Math Department is committed to providing "free" weekly professional learning.  Offerings include professional learning for both K-5 and 6-12 grade bands.  The highlights of the week will be in the form of a very short Youtube Video with more details listed in the Information Link. 



    This Week's Highlights: April 6th-10th 

    Engaging in Math Games:  Repeated Session from 1:00-3:00
    Tuesday, April 7th :  Session 126380
    Wednesday, April 8th Session # 126419
    Next Weeks Highlights: (April 13th- 16th)
    Spring Break Road Trip:  Take a trip around the country to some of our favorite math sites.  This qualifies for STEM Clock Hours.  Enroll Here!
    • Session 126421 Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 1:00-2:00 Each day! Enroll Here

    Engaging in Math Games:  Repeated session 

    April 7th:  Session 126380 Enroll Here

    April 8th:  Session 126419 Enroll Here

    Catalzying Change for HS Mathematics.  April 15th from 1:00-2:30 (Ongoing for 6 Weeks every Wednesday) Enroll Here
    Secondary STEM it UP! Class will start on April 15th!   
    • 15 Clock Hours for Secondary Math Teachers.  This will be an ongoing course over several weeks.  Enroll Here! 

    Online Math Opportunties from Around the State! 

    Developing Conceptual Understanding thru Productive Routines: High School 
    Using Routines to Teach High School Mathematics with a Focus on Quadratic Functions, Desmos, and Modeling
    Mathematics for Human Flourising-- A Book Study
    Dawn Sparks
    Dawn Sparks
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    Jeff Crawford
    Jeff Crawford
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    Luke Matlack
    Luke Matlack
    Migrant Math and Science Coordinator
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