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    Math Intervention with Dan Finkel's Math For Love!

    Join us for a day  to develop then implement a math intervention program in your district. This workshop will guide you through the Math for Love program that: Shift from rote memorization, right & wrong answers and mathematical alienation to deep student engagement into the beauty and power of mathematical thinking!

    Mssage from Dan...

    “We created Math For Love to combine Play and Rigor, we play and learn the big ideas! Our target is the student who falls through the cracks:  kids behind grade level.  English-language learners, and possibly those who have started to associate school and especially math—as a place they want nothing to do with. Our goal was to craft an experience for them that would be: 

    • Positive, and get them excited to come to school,
    • Productive, helping them step up toward, to, or beyond grade level,
    • Playful, to help them bring their autonomy and creativity to mathematics, and truly own the subject.”

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    Dan Finkel  


    ESD 105 Math Services

    Math coordinators at ESD 105 are available to assist districts to improve instruction and increase student achievement in mathematics.  
    Services Include:
    • Providing timely updates on state and local initiatives
    • Working with teacher, coaches, and administrators sharing resources and best practices
    • Offering regional professional development 
    Rational Numbers Workshop Participants
    OSPI Mathematics
    The Mathematics offices at OSPI provide technical assistance for the learning standards and oversee the testing of the standards required by Washington's legislature. 

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