Welcome to ESD 105 Mathematics Department

  • ESD 105 Math Services

    STEM Clock Hour Opportuntities
    Interactive Game Series (3 Clock Hours Each)
    • Google Slides
    • Virtual Manipulatives
    • Jamboard

    Math Fact Fluency (Up to 15 Clock Hours)

    Spring Break Road Trip (6 Clock Hours 

    Data Science (3 Clock Hours Each)

    • K-2
    • 3-5


    Digital Tools for Secondary Science

    Desmos Live Sessions and Canvas Courses (3-6 Clock Hours Each)

    • Meet the Digital Calculator Tool
    • Meet Desmos Geometry
    • Engaging Students with Pre-built Activities
    • Using and Creating Rich Tasks



    Resources for Remote Learning

    What Comes Next

    Math At Home:  Math Learning Center

    The Math Learning Center has put out some amazing resources for students, teachers and families to use in a variety of settings.  Grade level activities can be accessed online or with Google Docs.  The Math Learning Center is publishing a collection of grade level activities, routines and games.  I encourage you to check out these resources and keep checking back as new activities are added each month! 

    Remote Curriculum:  Math for Love

    Math For Love's Dan Finkel

    Our friends at Math for Love continue to show their support for students by providing lessons for K-5 students.  The program consists of videos, handouts and suggestions on materials to support student learning.  The link above will take you to Dan Finkel's blog where you can sign up and get these amazing resources! 


    DREME:  Development and Research in Early Mathematics Education For Pre K Students

    A resource for families and caregivers to support young children's early math learning.  

    Some of Dawn's Favorite Math Sites...

    Math For Love:  Games and resources for teachers and parents.  

    Solve Me Puzzles:  Online math puzzles for students to play. 

    Youcubed:  Select the Tasks and More Tab for activities for students.   


Contact Information


    Dawn Sparks
    Dawn Sparks
    Regional Math Coordinator
    office: (509) 853-1100
    cell: (509) 910-6227
    Jeff Crawford
    Jeff Crawford
    ESD 105 Math Coordinator-Secondary
    Cell:  (509) 720-9548