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    Early Learning programs complement the ESD's mission to provide high quality professional development and technical support services to early learning professionals. ESD 105 highly values early learning as a strategy for school readiness and life-long success with learning. ESD 105's early learning department strives to provide children preschool through 3rd grade with access to high quality instruction, family engagement, and other supports related to physical and emotional well-being. 

    ESD 105 Early Learning Programs:
    • Head Start, Migrant/Seasonal Head Start & Early Head Start
    • Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program (ECEAP)
    • PreK-3rd Alignment
    • Washington Inventory of Developing Skills (WaKIDS)
    • Early Learning Regional Coalition:  Investing in Children
    • Early Childhood Special Education
    • B-3 Family Resource Coordinator Training

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Contact Information

  • Cynthia Juarez
    Executive Director of Early Learning/Migrant Education
    Office: (509) 454-2488                   Fax (509) 454-2487

    Diane Strock
    Early Learning Department Administrative Secretary
    Office: (509) 454-5309                   Fax (509) 454-2487

    Kathleen Lenihan
    P3 Alignment Coordinator
    Office: (509) 853-2050                    Fax (509) 454-2487

    Stacie Marez
    Early Learning Program Manager
    Office: (509) 853-1107                     Fax (509) 454-2487

    Lynn Harlington
    Head Start Director
    Office: (509) 834-6804