The School Nurse Corps

  • The School Nurse Corps is a statewide program administered by each regional Educational Service District (ESD) with funds allocated by the Washington State Legislature through the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI). 

    The SNC program provides funding for direct school nurse services to school districts to small/rural districts with demonstrated need so that students receive the nursing care they need and assistance from the appropriate, trained staff in order to be safe, healthy and engaged in learning at school. In addition, the SNC Nurse Administrator provides orientation, mentoring, educational resources and professional development opportunities for school nurses across the region and technical assistance, and consultation services for administrators and school staff for all 25 school districts within ESD 105.

    School Nurse Corps Services

    In partnerships with schools, families and communities, the School Nurse Corps facilitates student success by addressing health needs that interfere with learning.  We work under federal and state laws and regulations and practice within professional standards outlined by school nurse and school health organizations.

    The ESD 105 School Nurse Corps provides:

    • Support of R.N. services in selected, small school districts in accordance with state-mandated eligibility and documented need
    • Consultation and technical assistance for all school districts regarding student health issues and school health systems
    • Health Resource Lending Library for all ESD 105 school district employees
    • Monthly regional school nurse meetings for professional learning and support of school nurse practice

    School Nurse Corps Goals

    • Students in all public school districts have access to basic R.N. services
    • All students in Class II (student enrollment below 2,000) districts identified with potentially life-threatening and/or chronic health conditions have emergency care plans/individualized health plans (ECPs/IHPs) developed and implemented with staff training, delegation, and supervision by an R.N.
    • All students in Class II districts receive medication and/or medical treatment in compliance with current laws and accepted standards and with staff training and supervision provided by an R.N.
    • All Class II districts provide mandated screening programs and comply with immunization laws
    • School districts have policies and procedures for school health services based on current laws and accepted standards
    • All districts have access to consultation, education, and resources regarding school health services
    • Collection of regional data to evaluate the impact of nursing interventions on student education and health outcomes

    School Nurse Corps Mission

    The School Nurse Corps, in partnership with schools, families and communities, improves student health outcomes, safety, and readiness to learn.  The SNC promotes equity by increasing access to student health services, and expanding public school districts' capacity to provide a safe and healthy learning environment.

    School Nurse Corps Vision

    All chidren receive equitable, full access to school nursing services to be safe and successful in school and life.

Contact Information:

  • Amy Sherwood Norton MPA, MPH, BSN, RN 
    School Nurse Corps Nurse Administrator

    Phone:  509-454-3129
    Fax:  509-834-6812

    Erin Balch
    Administrative Secretary
    Phone:  509 454-3128
    Fax:  509-834-6812



Upcoming Events:


    November 2018


    Truth Behind the Haze- Vape Information @ ESD 105

    9:30-11:30 am



    SNC Meeting @ ESD 105 Columbia Room

    11:30- 2:00 pm



    Regional School Nurse Meeting @ ESD 105 Klickitat Room



    January 2018


    Regional School Nurse Meeting @ ESD 105 Kittitas Room

    2:00- 5:00 pm



    Seattle Children's Pediatric Nursing Update @ Seattle Children's Hospital

    7:30- 4:00 pm



    WSU ESA Course @ WSU Yakima Campus



    WSNA Advocacy Camp @ Olympia

    8:30- 1:00pm


    31-February 1- 

    FEMA Pediatric Emergency Response Training @ ESD 105 Perez Lower Level


    February 28

    WSNA Lobby Day @ Olympia






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