Welcome to ESD 105 Migrant Services!

  • The Faces of Migrant Students The ESD 105 Migrant Office is dedicated to supporting school districts by working together to meet the varied needs of migrant students, families, and their educators.

    Our support services match the unique contexts of the school districts we serve, and may include informal discussions, technical assistance, meetings, study sessions, workshops, facilitation of regional events, and ongoing job-embedded coaching.
    Our program's services are part of ESD 105's commitment to improve school and student success in the region. Our professional resource team helps teachers to integrate learning strategies into the classroom with a focus on English language literacy, reading, math, and science.

Contact Us

  • Cynthia Juarez
    Executive Director of Early Learning/Migrant Education
    Office (509) 454-2488                                                                 
    Donald Bender
    Family Literacy-Student Engagement Coordinator
    Office (509) 454-2856
    Lexi Catlin
    Migrant Education Preschool Coordinator
    Office (509) 834-6803
    Cell (509) 406-6430
    Luke Matlack
    Migrant Math and Science Coordinator
    Office (509) 853-2043
    Cell (509) 823-3363 
    Erika Kabrich
    Migrant Literacy Coordinator
    (509)853-1112 ext 130
    Cell (509) 571-6605
    Diane Strock
    Migrant Administrative Secretary 
    Office (509)  454-5309