School Safety Operations & Coordination Center

  • Our schools are entrusted each day to provide a safe, secure and healthy learning environment for all students, staff, and visitors. 
    That's where we come in.


  • The Educational Service District 105 SSOCC program offers support to districts to help maintain a focus upon instruction and develop a comprehensive, all-hazards approach to safe and secure learning environments.  Our Mission is simple:  SAFE SCHOOLS.  Our focus is a complete start-to-finish approach, including all three major safety targets, Prevention, Response and Recovery.  To accomplish that, we focus on four critical school safety categories, commonly recognized as industry standards but rarely included with equal emphasis:

    • Teams
    • Plans
    • Communication
    • Testing

Our Vision: Putting YOU In Control of Your Own School Safety

  • The SSOCC is a robust, full service school safety program.  Engaging the SSOCC is like hiring your own school safety team... but our goal is not to BE your team.  Our goal is to help you build your OWN team, so that when things happen, you can deal with them decisively and effectively.  Our goal is to put YOU in control of your own safety.  Our services include:
    • Monthly safety consultations
    • Development of Crisis Planning and Response Teams
    • Leading practice school safety procedures
    • School safety training
    • Quick and Easy customizable resources
    • Accountability and assistance with school safety drills
    • Threat Assessment
    • Alerting and Communication Tools
    • Monitoring and reporting on 911 alerts
    • Targeted social media searches
    • Much, much more

Contact Us

  • If you would like to start taking control of your own safety, please contact us today.  We're happy to set up an on-site demonstration, web meeting or send you additional information about our programs and services.

    Phone:  (509) 853-1114                    Email:

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