SSOCC Homepage: The School Safety Operations & Coordination Center

  • Our local schools are entrusted each day to provide a safe, secure and healthy learning environment for all students, staff, and visitors. 
    There is an expectation that schools protect and nurture students to the best of their ability. While it’s the job of school personnel to teach our youth, they also bear a responsibility to provide a safe environment. With the expectation of learning, there is often precious little time to focus on other concerns.
    This is where we come in.

Welcome to the SSOCC

  • The School Safety Operations & Coordination Center (SSOCC) is a full service school safety program that rounds out our other offerings.  Together with SafePointe Hosting and our School Safety Cooperative, this service provides complete coverage for all safety needs.  Engaging the SSOCC is like hiring your very own school safety team.  Our services include:
    • Monitor and report on 911 alerts in proximity to schools
    • Perform targeted social media searches
    • Assist with forming and maintaining Crisis Response and Threat Assessment Teams
    • Host a repository of best practices and school safety resources
    • Liaison with local emergency responders
    • Assist with scheduling, tracking and staging required school safety drills
    • Provide on call technical assistance with SafePointe/InPointe during crises
    • Monitor and assist with crisis situations
    • Provide after action and incident reports
    • Coordinate mutual aid with other districts
    • Connect schools with state and federal safety organizations

    Social Media and Trouble Spot Searches

    For our SSOCC schools:  If you would like to request a targeted social media search or temporary monitoring of trouble spots at your school, please use the link below.  Your credentials will be checked and only authorized users will be allowed to make requests. Thank you.


  • The Educational Service District 105 School Safety and Security program offers support to districts to help maintain a focus upon instruction and develop a comprehensive, all-hazards approach to safe and secure learning environments.  Our Mission is simple:  SAFE SCHOOLS.  Our focus is a complete start-to-finish approach, including prevention, response, and recovery.  We help schools develop plans that address the following:

    Prevention: the capabilities necessary to avoid, deter, or stop an imminent crime, threatened or actual mass casualty incident. Prevention is the action schools take to prevent a threatened or actual incident from occurring*

    Protection:  the capabilities to secure schools against acts of violence and man-made or natural disasters. Protection focuses upon ongoing actions that protect students, teachers, staff, visitors, networks and property from a threat or hazard*              

    Mitigation:  the capabilities necessary to eliminate or reduce the loss of life and property damage by lessening the impact of an event or emergency. Mitigation also means reducing the likelihood that threats and hazards will happen*

    Response:  the capabilities necessary to stabilize an emergency once it has already happened or is certain to happen in an unpreventable way; establish a safe and secure environment; save lives and property; and facilitate the transition to recovery*

    Recovery:  the capabilities necessary to assist schools affected by an event or emergency in restoring the learning environment*

    By providing schools technical assistance, resource networking, and collaboration, the ESD 105 School Safety and Security program supports individual school districts and buildings in developing comprehensive plans.

     * Excerpted from the “Guide for Developing High-Quality School Emergency Operations Plans", FEMA