School Safety Operations & Coordination Center

  • Our schools are entrusted each day to provide a safe, secure and healthy learning environment for all students, staff, and visitors. 
    That's where we come in.


  • The Educational Service District 105 SSOCC program offers support to districts to help maintain a focus upon instruction and develop a comprehensive, all-hazards approach to safe and secure learning environments.  Our Mission is simple:  SAFE SCHOOLS.  Our focus is a complete start-to-finish approach, including all three major safety targets:

    • Prevention
    • Response
    • Recovery

SSOCC Services

  • The School Safety Operations & Coordination Center (SSOCC) is a robust, full service school safety program.  Engaging the SSOCC is like hiring your own school safety team.  Our services include:
    • Monthly safety planning calls
    • Development of Crisis Planning and Response Teams
    • Alerting and Communication Tools
    • Monitoring and reporting on 911 alerts
    • Targeted social media searches
    • Leading practice school safety procedures
    • School safety training
    • Quick and Easy customizable resources
    • Accountability and assistance with school safety drills
    • Threat Assessment
    • Much, much more