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  • ESD 105 Math Services

    The ESD 105 Math Team is part of a statewide system of Regional Math Coordinators.   This program created in 2008 was developed to improve instruction and increase student achievement in mathematics. 

     Regional Math Coordinator Services Include:

    • Provide timely updates on state and local initiatives
    • Contribute to statewide intiatives and projects and connect interested educators to those opportunities
    • Coordinate the Washington State Mathematics Fellows Program
    • Design, deliver, and organzie professional learning opportunties for math educators and instructional leaders
    • Support implementation of WA State Learning Standards in Mathematics
    • Model instructional shifts toward productive mathematical instructional routines that engage all students in learning meaningful mathematics

    Other Regional Support: 

    ESD 105 is proud to provide customized support for district and school mathematics iniatives.  Whether you are seeking a one day course for educators, or you are in need of longer term support to improve math learning outcomes we can provide a wide range of services.  Common requests include: 

    • Support for Mathematics Adoptions
    • Provide guidance for intervention programs
    • Conduct classroom demonstrations or observations, and provide feedback for coaching 
    • Support professional learning communities 

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    Rational Numbers Workshop Participants
    OSPI Mathematics
    The Mathematics offices at OSPI provide technical assistance for the learning standards and oversee the testing of the standards required by Washington's legislature. 

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