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Sign up for 4-part "Dialectical Behavior Training" - Begins Aug. 16-17

Circles reprenting intersection of "Wise Mind" betwen "Emotion Min" and "Reasonable Mind" Our four-part series on Social-Emotional Learning: Dialectical Behavior Training begins Thursday-Friday, Aug. 16-17.  

Come learn how you can help at-risk students tolerate stress and crisis in their lives, learn better interpersonal skills, regulate their emotions more effectively, and develop mindfulness skills.  Skill development focus areas for the opening days will be on mindfulness skills and on distress tolerance skills. 

The second half of this series will continue on Thursday-Friday, Sept. 27-28.  The skill development focus for those days will be on interpersonal effectiveness kills and on emotional regulation skills. 

The dialectical skills series of strategies falls into the PBIS Tier II and III categories. This series is ideal for teachers, assistant principals, school psychologists, counselors, graduation specialists and anyone else who works with individual or small groups of students.

Registration for the four-part workshop at ESD 105 is $1,200, and clock hours are available.

Click here to register for Social-Emotional Learning: Dialectical Behavior Training.